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Everything modern couples want to know about engagement rings

Engagement rings symbolize the union of two people in love. We are obsessed with how the infinite quality of the diamonds in them portrays how we feel and express our purest sentiments.
The atmosphere of love surrounds the inspiration behind endless engagement ring designs, and we love the excitement and options involved in the process of picking the perfect ring.
This article covers frequently asked questions about engagement rings and will help you feel confident in your decision.
Diference Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

What's the difference between a wedding band and an engagement ring?

Their styles are different. While engagement rings tend to be more elaborate with larger gemstones, wedding bands tend to be wider and simpler, its stones are usually presented in continuous patterns.
Engagement rings are offered during an engagement proposal, following the question, "Will you marry me?" A proposal often comes as a surprise with romantic setups, and the engagement ring brings it all together.
Wedding Band

Wedding bands, on the other hand, are exchanged during a wedding ceremony when couples exchange vows. Many couples love to look for wedding bands together, but you also have the freedom to surprise your fiancé.
With customization of rings, you can craft the engagement ring and wedding band exactly as you desire. While traditions are a good starting point, you can create designs that define your love story and relationship.
Wedding Band and Engagement Complement

Do we have to get both?

When you wear jewelry, it helps you remember the special moments when you received them. A wedding ceremony lasts a few hours, as does an engagement proposal, but if you mark this moment with jewelry, you will always remember.
Wearing a wedding band and engagement ring will always add more flair and style to your outfits. One will always enhance and complement the look of the other. Later, you can mark anniversaries and the birth of children with stackable bands.

Tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring

Picking engagement rings can look like a daunting task. After all, the goal is to find a ring that will bring much
joy to the person we love. Here are some details to watch out for when selecting the perfect ring:

Engagement Ring Gift

Choose an engagement ring that matches your partner's preferences

It is easy to lean toward our personal tastes when choosing gifts. But keep in mind your beloved partner will probably wear an engagement ring every hour of the day, forever.

Think about what you have seen them wearing, the clothing, hobbies, and habits, and pick a ring that will somehow click into place.
Diamonds 4cs

Understand the 4 Cs

When you know the four main characteristics of diamonds (color, cut, clarity, and carat), you feel much more confident when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. The goal is to make your partner's dreams come true with a diamond that fits in your budget.
Diamonds of very low color grades can offer a yellow tint that makes them seem cheap. If she wishes for a large stone, find balance between carat and cut for an impressive effect. If she is all about the sparkle, look into the diamond cut and clarity.

Explore the 4Cs with Orr's Diamond Guide

Engagement ring styles

Halo Engagement Ring


Halo engagement rings are gorgeous. The halo design showcases one (or more) rows of brilliants surrounding a center stone. There are halo ring designs in every diamond cut—cushion halo, round halo, princess halo, and much more! The result is always an impressive and sparkling piece.

Solitarie Engagement Ring


Solitaire engagement rings are elegant, delicate, and timeless. There are a variety of shanks within this style—from sleek to twisted and half eternity options. Our tip is to pick a solitaire design where the prongs are sharp but nearly invisible. This way, the center stone will pop even more.

Three-stone Engagement Ring


The tree-stone engagement ring style is an all-time favorite because it always allows for more of one cut of diamonds. You can, for example, have a round center diamond flanked by marquise diamonds. Or a princess cut center diamond flanked by emerald-cut diamonds.  What is more, the stones sitting side by side represent the past, present, and future, making this one of the most romantic ring styles.

Vintage Engagement Ring


Vintage style engagement rings feature flowers, leaves, and even Art-Deco inspired contours. The designs in these rings are always intricate, and the results are impressively carved shanks. Lovers of vintage, Victorian, and antique pieces will adore this style, which is also very romantic.

Engagement ring metals

Engagement ring metals

• Yellow gold engagement rings look gorgeous on warm skin complexions. The hues of yellow gold are luminous and timeless and always attract the eye.

• White gold engagement rings are a favorite of women with cool skin complexions. This shade also matches the brilliance of diamonds very well.

• Rose gold engagement rings are beautiful and captivating. The soft honey tone enhances any other jewelry with a romantic atmosphere.

• Platinum engagement rings are magnetic and lustrous. This metal makes these rings very durable and resistant. It is also recommended for those with allergies to some alloys.
Custom engagement rings

Custom engagement rings

If you have dreamed of a specific ring design, maybe you have an inspiring image or sketch, you can opt for a custom design engagement ring. The result will speak for itself and encompass everything you want to make your beloved feel.
This solution offers the opportunity to tailor something of high-quality with expert help with all your sweethearts' preferences in mind. Think, for example, of their favorite gem, or metal color, or even a pattern or design they are always admiring.

Having a customized engagement ring is easy with Orr's Jewelers. In a few steps, you can have an idea sketched by one of our designers, and in a few days, your new engagement ring is ready!


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