Yoko London, established in 1973, is a leading luxury pearl jeweller. The brand has evolved over 42 years with three generations of one family. Renowned for their use of unique pearls in rare natural colors and exceptional sizes, the family run team consists of the finest pearl specialists in the world. The brand’s gifted European designers and craftsmen work together in the London workshop to create pieces which are at the forefront of jewelry trends, combining a contemporary aesthetic, with timeless elegance. Each pearl is hand-picked for every individual design, and creations are intricately crafted to celebrate the captivating beauty of these precious gems. The dedicated team have been known to spend up to a year locating one pearl, which is perfect in size, color and quality, to complete a single design. This forward thinking brand seeks to redefine the way women of all ages wear pearl jewelry, demonstrating through their vast and varied collections how pearls can be both classically elegant and a modern fashion accessory.

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