Dads And Grads Special: Some Of The Most Inspiring Gifts We've Ever Seen

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Dads And Grads Special: Some Of The Most Inspiring Gifts We've Ever Seen

Father's Day and Graduation are just around the corner, and whether you're wondering what's the perfect gift to celebrate your dad or looking for something special to show your Grad how proud you are, this is the right place!

Earning a college degree is no small feat! You need a gift to represent all your admiration, and which sends the message you'll always be there for your Grad. Jewelry makes a thoughtful gift and conveys the joy you have for your Grad's achievements and flourishing career. Get inspired!

Father's Day is a fabulous time to have a blast with dad! We've put together a list of great gifts which capture all kinds of dad styles and convey all the love you feel for dad with a lasting effect!

Graduation Day Gifts

Make Graduation Day unforgettable with a special jewelry piece.

Cartier timepiece

Cartier Watches

Cartier looks to its heritage to recreate vintage and iconic timepieces. In addition, Cartier strives to always fine-tune their most successful watch lines and make them better. This is the type of gift which will truly resonate with a graduate.
If your favorite Grad is a fan of all things Cartier, they'll love to start their style journey with such a reliable and heart-warming gift such as an exclusive Cartier watch. Explore the new design twist Cartier has recently added to classic watch collections. The designer will never go out of style and will always help your Grad look their best!
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Pearl Necklace

Pendant Necklaces

Grads are young and have the whole world ahead of them. They’ll love to create style new looks and play with a gorgeous pendant necklace.
In addition to looking absolutely gorgeous in photos, pendant necklaces will easily convey your love and will make it an extra thoughtful gift. 
Look for something delicate such as a Mikimoto or Roberto Coin necklace, and we guarantee your Grad will put new lovely styling looks together for more than a decade.
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Gold bangle

Cuff Bracelets

Although cuff bracelets have held their place in fashion for so long, we can call them classics. The sleek style and sparkle in such pieces will help your Grad keep their finger on the pulse of the future.

If your Grad has an eye for stylish pieces and is a true fashionista, she’ll love cuff bracelets to dress her looks up or down.
Does she embody the street style with jackets, denim, and leather? This is the gift for her! Cuffs fit very snugly on the wrist and will last a lifetime!
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Gift inspiration for dad

Maybe you've already got some exciting ideas from our gifts for grads section, but
here's an exclusive take just for dad:

Tudor watch


If you want a special gift to rock this Father's Day, a Tudor watch will leave Dad  feeling endlessly grateful. 

This is a phenomenal opportunity to take your old man to brunch, share how much you appreciate him, and then surprise dad with a Tudor for the grand finale! 

We're sure the name Tudor speaks for itself, but we could've added a few more adjectives to describe how wonderful this gift can be!

Tudor timepieces are an essential part of any look, and they’ll always impress for their quality and reliability.  Dad will love a Tudor!

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Men's Bracelets

Men's Bracelets

Men's bracelets definitely embody the style of confident men who trust their closet choices. And the best part is that dad can use bracelets to create a classy and assertive look.

Dad won't want to miss a chance of showing off how well his new bracelet goes with his unique style. John Hardy offers even more special styles, which come in reversible designs so that dad will have an even easier time combining them.

Men's bracelets come in a wide range of styles and materials such as gold, silver, or leather. The gorgeous looks dad can create with these charming pieces are endless.

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Cuff links

Cuff links

These accessories get high marks for originality and help create a neatly prepped and gentlemanly look!

Imagine dad in a button-down shirt, a jacket or blazer, with new cuff links highlighting all the details in his look.

From their robust shape to the exquisite design, cuff links will fit just like they're supposed to, helping dad craft outfits which represent all of his strengths.

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Men's Necklaces

Men's Necklaces

From dog tags to thick chains and pendant crosses, there's a necklace for your dad. If dad likes to play with colors and textures for his wardrobe, we guarantee he’ll love the addition of the right necklace.

Men have certainly learned to appreciate the power in wearing a watch or sunglasses well, but the truth is that men's necklaces are equally strong and perfect to wear anytime.

Surprise dad with a bold accessory. We're sure once he explores all the possibilities, men's necklaces will definitely have a big fan in dad!

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Signet ring

Signet rings

Last but certainly not least, we have signet rings which dad will surely have a blast with!  Show your old man how much you appreciate his company and love.

Signet rings combine tradition and legacy with trendy designs for a more polished feel which makes them perfect to represent how much dad inspired you about what it means to be a good man.

There are a ton of combinations dad can make with signet rings. He’ll feel like he's wearing a different outfit every other week!

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Dads & Grads gift inspiration in Sewickley/ Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re looking for Graduation or Father's Day gifts in Squirrel Hill or Sewickley, Orr's Jewelers is your destination for a wonderful shopping experience!
Now you don't have to worry about what is the perfect gift for dad. Instead, find jewelry pieces dad will hold onto forever!

As for your favorite Grads, we'll help you show how proud you are with a unique and thoughtful gift for your exceptional graduate! 
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