Berd Vay'e Gravity


A marvel in suspension. A transcendent horosphere encrusted with vintage watch parts seemingly oats within an encompassing angular cube. The crystal clear Lucite structure rests curiously on its corner, presenting a captivating feat of balance - both of the cubic outer layer and for the orb suspended within. Each Berd Vay’e piece is casted with 8-10 layers over a 24 hour period. The sculpture is then baked, carefully protecting it from the formation of air bubbles or imperfections thus resulting in a seamless, crystal clear sculpture. The cooled Lucite® is shatter resistant, having heralded from its early use on submarines and helicopters. Each sculpture is then shaped and polished by hand, requiring relentless attention from multiple artisans to complete every one-of-a-kind piece


Product Details


Manufactured in Canada

Name Gravity
Stock Number CBLGV
Department Accessories
Type Decorative Object
Collection Time Squared
Material Crystal

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Berd Vay'e